Dental Implant in Ahmedabad

  • Why extracted tooth should be replaced as early as possible?

Replacement of the missing teeth is very pivotal to the overall dental hygiene of a person, as the space left by the missing teeth leaves the remaining adjacent teeth unsupported. These unsupported teeth may eventually drift along the jaw line making brushing, flossing and chewing difficult. Apart from the chewing dysfunction, they also alter the overall shape and appearance of the face, making the person look older. So, if you have missing teeth, it is recommended to have tooth replacement treatment as early as possible. Visit today at SOMANI’S ORTHODONTIC & DENTAL CLINIC and get proper evaluation and the best treatment options for replacement of your missing teeth.

  • Is it possible to replace single/multiple missing teeth with the dental implant?

Whether a single tooth is missing or more than one teeth dental implant is the best option with the highest functional and aesthetic resemblance to the natural teeth. And we at Somani’s Orthodontic & Dental Clinic can deliver you your implant supported teeth within 3-4 days by immediate loading of dental implant.

  • What is a Dental Implant?

A Dental implant works as a substitute/alternative/surrogate for the tooth’s natural root and is usually screw like or cylindrical in shape, it is generally made up of titanium, a metal which is bio compatible with the body.


  • Types of Dental Implant

  • Conventional Implant

Conventional implants are two or three piece implants. Usually it takes support from the crestal bone and it is two stage procedures.

  • Basal Implant

Basal implants are one piece implants in which the implant and the abutment are fused into one single piece. This minimizes failure of implants due to interface problems between the connections that exist in conventional implants.

Most of these implants take support from the basal bone which is a lot more resistant to resorption. Basal cortical bone also has a much faster and stable repairing capacity.

  • Is it possible to get back the missing teeth within 3-4 days?

Yes, it is possible only with the Basal Dental Implants that you can get back your missing teeth after 3-4 days of implant placements and we at SOMANI’S ORTHODONTIC AND DENTAL CLINIC, do basal implants. In addition to this, with basal implants we can minimize the total treatment duration and cost considerably and there will be no requirement of the temporary prosthesis as the final teeth will be given within 3-4. Most of these implants take support from the basal bone which is lot more resistant to bone resorption, very much unlike the conventional implants which mostly take support from the crestal bone.

With conventional dental implant the answer is no, because once the Conventional Implant is placed into the jaw bone we usually have to wait until the bone heals and grows around the implant roughly 3-4 months. In case of conventional implants associated with bone grafting procedures, the total treatment time will be about 6 months to 1 year.

  • Basal implant procedure is Fast, Safe & Painless with Unique Advantages of:

  • Immediate loading of Implant supported tooth
  • Works very well even in the most unfavorable bone situations
  • Avoidance of bone grafting
  • Single piece implantology
  • Take support from the Basal / Cortical bone
  • Minimally invasive (‘key hole’ impantology)
  • Extremely low failure rates

Implant is used to replace single or multiple tooth loss

  • The major advantage of a single tooth implant over a bridge is that we can avoid unnecessary trimming/reduction of the adjacent healthy teeth and thereby replace the missing tooth without interfering with the teeth on either side, unlike a bridge. In case of a dental bridge the teeth are fused together and floss cannot be passed in between like natural teeth or implant crowns.


Single Tooth Implant

Single Tooth Implant

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  • When more than one tooth is missing on the same side of the jaw it is difficult to provide long term support by Conventional dental bridge. Therefore Implants are considered as a preferable option in order to support multiple implant crowns or implant supported bridges.

Implant supported dental bridge

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If few or no teeth are present at all then Implant Supported Dentures are one of the best options. Patients, who wear full mouth dentures, complain about lack of retention in the lower denture, which is a major issue due to the bony changes occurring over a period of time. A full upper denture covers a large area over the palate in order to obtain retention which interferes with taste perception and satisfaction of enjoying the food. Implant supported dentures on the other hand are firmly fitted/adequately adapted and do not require the palate to be covered for retention purpose

All the missing teeth can be replaced with the Dental Implants Implant Supported Denture
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